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Having said that, the crazy thing I've always wanted to do - to chicken and honest to do so - is to see a movie and then sneak into another afterwards!

Hah! There, I've said it!

But, will I do it?

Oh, I had to laugh. I'm always being accused of being too honest...taking change back to the cashier if she gives me too much, etc. But I DID do exactly that once, a very long time ago. I was unemployed at the time, terribly lonely and bored, and managed to scrape together enough change to afford to go to a movie one afternoon. After that one, I so didn't want to go home to my empty apartment, and there was NOBODY around at all, so I snuck into the next theatre and watched another movie. I swear I was the only person in the entire theatre complex, so they had to have known that I snuck in, but they ran the movie and never said a word. I still don't remember which movies I saw, but it WAS sort of fun to have done it that one time. I've never even been tempted to do it again, though.
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