Ellemm, I used to follow hockey when I was in high school and college -- I lived in Wisconsin then where hockey is played religiously by little boys, sort of like they play football in Texas.

Yonuh, my kids and my husband like the same football teams, so they talk football whenever they are together. Steve is originally a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but the kids are Packer fans, so he has become one...

Sounds like you both are having a ball, however, and that is great!

I don't really follow any sports these days, though I do like to watch figure skating during the Winter Olympics. Left alone to find something to watch on TV, I'm usually looking at the Food Network, HGTV or Hallmark...

In the past few years I have noted that my mother has become much more of a pro football fan than she ever was when I was a kid. And based on what you two are saying, perhaps I need to get back to hockey...
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