I enjoyed reading all your comments here. I am 57 and started blogging 3 years ago. I also just had my first book published, "Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest". It's about my life in the Daintree rainforest of Queensland, Australia when I was younger. I am American, now living in New Mexico, but I once spent many years living in Australia.

For one who loves being outdoors, I have found it an interesting experience being online. One of the truly good things it's done is make me see how many kind, compassionate and supportive people there are in the world, just amazing souls. Contrary to what the media might like us to believe, the world is full of good people. I seem to meet kind people on every corner, every day. Sure, I've run across a couple that didn't know how to be kind, but they were by far the minority.

The harder part of being online and blogging is that being a writer, nature photographer, and budding filmmaker, all my work requires computers (editing book, photos, film), as well as using the computer to sell/promote my work. I've notice that my eyes suffer from time on the 'puter. I try to limit it as best I can, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's challenging. Even my music is recorded with computers.

Maybe that's why I have a garden and hike barefoot up mountains. It keeps me connected to the soul of the Earth.

I'd be curious if anyone else struggles with this issue, and how you deal with it. Many people online have told me they are addicted to being online, facebook, twitter, etc. I don't have that problem and can easily walk away.

Maybe it's about taking more short breaks throughout the day, and doing more grounded things like walking outside (which I do walk almost everyday), or doing dishes by hand, or baking, or playing my piano, etc, something more tactile and sensory.

I wish you all a warm, peaceful and laughter-filled holiday season.
Robin Easton - Author/Speaker/Nature Photographer/Musician
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