I found this so brutal and unacceptable, I just have to vent. As many of you know, I had surgery Nov 22; my results appointment was originally scheduled for Jan 10th, but earlier this week they called and moved it up to Dec 21st and moved the appointment to the cancer centre. So that was my first clue that perhaps things weren't as clean as the surgeon had told me the morning after the operation.

Today, I just received in the mail a HUGE package from the cancer centre, it was full of brochures and information sheets for people diagnosed with cancer. Since I haven't even officially been TOLD by anyone at any point in this entire process that I actually have cancer, I found this delivery to be brutal and bewildering. Am I supposed to conclude from this that the results did definitely show cancer, and that it's such that I need further chemo or radiation treatment?

Even if I suspected that further treatment might be necessary, it still would have been preferable to receive an official diagnosis in person than to have received it via this rather ambiguous means.
When you don't like a thing, change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

(Maya Angelou)