I think your heart was totally in the right place and can understand why you are disappointed. I really don't think, though, that the average 7-year-old is capable of such a high-level task. (Remembering to keep track of the candy, identifying who might be needy, dispersing the candy properly). What is she, in first grade? Maybe second at most. Honest, they cannot do any of that yet. It's a minor miracle if they get to school with matching socks and shoes on both feet.

The mother, of course, is plenty old enough to have understood your wishes, though. I'd guess she either forgot or isn't really sure who needs the candy either. In the rush of trying to get candy or gift sales recorded and over with, special requests like yours might get overlooked.

I'd suggest that you pass on the candy, if you choose to buy any again, to people in your own church who who take meals and groceries to others. I'd guess they're far more likely know who needs what. Those school sales are a pain, I think. I'd much rather make a donation to some school fund than have to select some stuff I don't want, and I have done plenty of that.