Then you would hate being here because my garbage collection runs $39.99 every three months, not too bad, but then gas which has been really high since this cold winter about $88.00+ monthly, when it is usually only $26.00 in summer. The electric bill is a monthly prorated bill of $166.96 a month. Our water use to be free but now ranges from $12.00 to $20.00 a month. I have to pay for sewer and thats $14.33 each month. I paid cash for my home in 1990 but have to pay space rent and it is up to $700.00 monthly. Granted this is a resort and absolutely gorgeous, offering tons of emenities BUT its not cheap either.

I personally could make due with less space, not all the emenities with less to pay out monthly. I have been thinking of either moving or looking for a roommate to share the space rent at least once my ex leaves. I HATE moving!
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