OOOOOO I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!!!! smile smile smile

And last year while visiting my daughter and family in the US..they took me and my 2 grandchildren from Sweden, that I had with me, to see this house that was known for it´s abundance of Christmas Lights. The cars were lined up to see this place....And it was like a fairy land with sooo many things to look at. I just LOVED it!!! It was like lit up play area/park smile smile And grandma had some fun there grin

There are lights here in Sweden, light up the darkness which is loooong each day. And they ARE getting more numerous and more I have tough time keeping on the road here,too..looking at all the decorations. But it´s still nothing compared to the US. Gosh, Dotsie..wish I could be there with you. Next time, girl..I won´t let you down!!! But it really was CRAZY last year smile

PS. Just checked out your links. OOOOO YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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"some sacred place.."