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But I like the "hot flashes" in winter; as they help me keep warm.....well, something has to, and they ARE free, whereas my utility bill is another story...... crazy

The night sweats are something I have not had yet, but then I don't keep my home warm enough to sweat even normally.

I am convinced that if you are freezing your tush off most of the time, these problems are less severe......what have y'all experienced about this?

I'll trade with you, Anne. My son tells me I keep my home like an icebox. (71 degrees year round)

I'd much rather feel cool than hot. Heat makes me instantly dizzy and I just want to sit with the AC on, all the paddle fans blowing, and an additional stand-up fan aimed directly at me from nearby. It's a wonder I don't blow nasal ice cycles into a hankie. hahaha
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