I am putting this here not to cover any of the great posts on the forum. Plus everyone knows who won the last contest, old news. And if we make and keep resolutiuons we will all be winners.

1) I plan to walk everyday starting on January 1st. outside, and if the weather is bad, I will go to the mall or Wal*Mart, and walk there!

2) I will lose four pounds (or better) a month, giving me at least another loss of around 50 pounds.

3) This will be the hardest one of all~~~~~I will give up all breads, pastas and sugars, eating only good carbs. Getting my diabetes under control.

Thats about it for my resolutions. I am paying more attention to my own needs the new year. I bought a notebook to jot down each and every thing, everyday I do to keep my resolve.

What about some of you?

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