Eagle, my second husband was like that and he owned and operated a very popular cocktail lounge. Every woman wants to be with the bartender and when he is the owner too, well that makes him all that more desirable.

I had a real problem with his flirting in the beginning and said NO when he proposed, BUT he made sure to explain to me all he wanted from those "bar hags" was there money. He never came out from behind the bar unless I was there, so none of them could get her hands on him. He was sure to let them all know, I was his girl, his lover, his wife and that he was crazy about me. Then I was okay with it all, but never the less I always kept my eyes wide open.

In fourteen years of marriage he was never unfaithful to me and he had a million chances. Would I evrer marry a bar owner again? Hell NO!!!

You think men are pigs and you'd be right, they are, BUT women are even worse and I have seen the proof of that more times than I care to recount...
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