I hope I'm not posting over anyone but I have to share what happened to me--it could happen to any one of us I'm afraid. I used my debit/credit card to order something from a large and reputable company. I didn't order on line, I spoke directly to a customer care person. That was on 9/2. Since then my house account has been hit for 3 transactions totaling over 1500.00! When I called my bank I was told that the transactions were with this same company and it never flagged since I have an account with them. Ladies, it's 3 days until Christmas and I have 20.00 left in my bank account.

I spent most of today, canceling my card, closing me bank account, opening a new one, begging my boss to give me my paycheck 2 weeks early.....I'm exhausted. I have to go home tonight and do laundry and pack my car to leave early in the morning for my sister's.

I thought I was doing everything right. I never ordered on line. I waited until a customer service person came on and placed the order through them to ensure there were no mistakes ect. Thieves will find a way no matter what to steal. The lady at the bank said she has had more people coming in saying there's a problem related to their debit cards. She told me she won't use one for that very reason.

So I hope this post will help you ladies keep from having this happen to you.

I can't say I wasn't warned though. I dreamt a week ago that someone had stolen my card and taken my money. I spent all night in my sleep working through how to 'fix it'. God had already prepared me for what was coming!
starting over

How we handle change determines our Destiny. P. Trapp