Hey gals,

When my doc put me on a bunch of supplements, it turns out my hair is NOT AS grey. Before I was solid silver/grey. Now, I'm back to dirty dishwater blond with grey.
I think what did it was the dhea.
Do not take 50 mg of this stuff, you will break out in zits.
take like 10 mg or 5 mg and you should be fine. I went from 50 to 25 to 10 and now to 5.
Also take calcium, 1800 mg, magnesium 750 mg, [1 250 chelated pill with every calc], dhea, boron 3mg, folic acid, 2 mg, osteosine and sea buckthorn oil blend. [in the last swallow of emergen-c]

Thinning hair? Rosacea? Eczema?
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