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#71471 - 10/26/04 07:06 AM Christmas?
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
Do you set guidelines for how much you spend on each person you shop for at Christmas?

Please share with us any ideas you have for making gifts...

Maybe you gave, or were given a gift that cost nothing, but it was the best gift you gave or received that year...

#71472 - 10/25/04 10:35 PM Re: Christmas?
Vicki M. Taylor Offline

Registered: 01/06/03
Posts: 2196
Loc: Tampa, FL
Last year was the first Christmas that we didn't go into debt (charging gifts on credit cards) and we're so much better for it.

Since we live away from family, we don't buy for anyone except the kids. Actually, we give them each a check. [Smile]

For hubby and I, we decide throughout the year, what our one purchase is going to be for "us".

We send cards out to everyone (I have a big card budget!)

We don't have a set budget for gifts, but whatever we spend has to be "cash"... no gifts on credit card. In one more year we'll be "debt" free (except our mortgage) and that is the best gift we could ever give ourselves.

#71473 - 10/26/04 12:04 AM Re: Christmas?
Elsielc Offline

Registered: 10/18/04
Posts: 53
Loc: Orange County, CA
I am into geneology, and for Christmas this year, I'm making a booklet of family history to give to each of the families. This will be instead of individual gifts to everyone. I've done a lot of generational research, back to 1600's, which is quite interesting. I even found that GW Bush is a cousin, about 8 generations removed! So I will put in a family tree, copies of letters that generations ago have written on their trek to Calif., and all sorts of tidbits I could find on interesting ancestors. Also will add pictures. Hopefully this will be a gift that lasts!

#71474 - 10/26/04 05:33 PM Re: Christmas?
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
What great ideas. You are so creative.

I need to rethink this Christmas. We've blown it out of proportion because our parents did the same when we were little. Blame it on them! [Razz] Urg...what have we created?

The season is my favorite, and I love to give gifts. It's just the money involved can get out of hand. Limits. I must set limits! [Wink]

#71475 - 10/26/04 06:45 PM Re: Christmas?
TVC15 Offline

Registered: 09/03/04
Posts: 2538
Loc: North Carolina
I agree Dotsie. Christmas is way out of proportion. I am thinking in terms of limits this year also. I love that geniology idea. That would be a wonderful gift to receive. And homemade things are always a nice touch, I'm just not that crafty. Since we're now out of state I have to think in terms of size also since I have to mail everything. I guess gift certificates would be one way to go. They would also help with the limiting as you would only spend exactly what you want to, no adding the extras or taxes. I hate to even think about holiday shopping right now, I guess I'll start after Halloween.

#71476 - 10/26/04 09:20 PM Re: Christmas?
summerbreeze Offline

Registered: 09/28/04
Posts: 43
Loc: St. Louis, MO
I like to make things and one thing I enjoy receiving and sending are Gifts in a Jar. Here is a site with a bunch listed:

#71477 - 10/27/04 01:08 AM Re: Christmas?
jawjaw Offline
Da Queen

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 12025
Loc: Alabama
Summer...make me #4 and I'll dance at your next wedding...I LOVE BISCOTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#71478 - 10/27/04 05:44 AM Re: Christmas?
Thistle Cove Farm Offline

Registered: 01/01/04
Posts: 678
Loc: Tazewell County, VA, USA
Funny...I just wrote my Mom, Dad and sibs a letter this morning asking if we could forego buying and giving gifts this year. I suggested we pass a hat and everyone slip in whatever $ they could afford and we'd give it to my brother's Mexico missions trips. He gets together a group of people every year and goes to Mexico to build schools, clinics, etc.

Every one in my family has all of their needs abundance. All we have are our wants and I think it's time we focused on meeting the needs of others before getting all our wants met.

I suggested we bring food - home made or bought goodies - and make this Christmas memorable because of joyful abandon, glorious love, peace and calm and the overriding knowlege we are so each other and by God.

My gifts to friends are all going to be hand made and full of prayers tucked into each stitch. I'm knitting hats, shawls & headbands. When I'm tired of knitting, I'll weave shawls and when I'm tired of weaving, I'll felt wall hangings. I want to return to the knowlege that hand made equaled hand crafted and people were grateful you spent the gift of time because they know how precious a gift time is. I want to give a piece of me, while there's still some of me to give.

I'm asking my friends to give to their favorite charity in lieu of giving me "stuff". I'm suggesting any shelter for women and children. Did you know the average age for the homeless in this country is NINE!?! That's outrageous!

I'm past middle age. It's time to focus and focus narrowly. It's time to put life in perspective. I believe the Holy Spirit is gently talking; I'm trying to listen intently.

#71479 - 10/29/04 03:00 AM Re: Christmas?
Thistle Cove Farm Offline

Registered: 01/01/04
Posts: 678
Loc: Tazewell County, VA, USA
I talked with my sister yesterday and she said, "No Way!" So...looks like we're going to buy and give gifts this year. I'm still going to try and knit or weave something for my sister. She walks in winter so maybe a wool hat to keep her warm. She said she was going to give gift certificates -ours will have to be WalMart as that's the ONLY store around here that she also has access to 280 miles away-

I dunno. Maybe I was being a grinch and didn't realize it. Then again, I can't remember a lot of what my family gave me last year but Dave struck a home run last year.

Oh well. better get busy knitting and weaving.

#71480 - 10/29/04 04:09 AM Re: Christmas?
Julie Offline

Registered: 03/18/03
Posts: 332
Loc: Australia
I've had a constant headache since my extended family met and discussed Christmas last week. (I was nominated hostess)Why are families so difficult?? (And that was without the in-laws) Anyone got room and board (and an airline ticket) over the yule tide? House swap anyone?

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