that's right... that's me. the magical maamaw poppins. new mommy and daddy asked if i would stay last night so they could sleep the night through because the night before was horrendous for them. i obliged, of course they really had to twist my arm!! well.... she slept, new mom and dad slept, they all slept the night through!!!! she fell asleep after mommy fed her around ten thirty or eleven. daddy got home from work around one thirty in the morning...she was still asleep.... mommy and daddy went to bed. maamaw poppins and baby slept in the living room. sweet pea baby slept until six in the morning!!!!! mommy and daddy said "no way that would have happened if you had not been here" i was joking with them and saying "yeah right she does not sleep at night" i still think they don't believe me. they think she woke up all night long and i am jus tnot telling them. quite actually...i was shocked too! she made those baby sounds all night but never really woke up to eat until morning. what a great babe. i am sure she will have them up all night tonight!!