I've been reading on food blogs lately that the new trendy thing that everyone is trying is something called a "recipe mashup."
Slightly different than mixing your masked potatoes and gravy with your peas, this concept consists of mixing together two favorite recipes, to create a third entity - equally delicious.

Here are few links I've found on this topic:

The Pioneer Woman's Blog

Better Homes & Gardens blog

BuzzFeed blog

And this one that won't let me hyperlink it: LemonyThyme Blog:

I did a mashup of my own last week that turned out great I took an apple tart recipe of my Grandma Gertrude's and added the custard from her famous GrahamCracker Pie. The results were stupendous! Everyone said it was so much better than the apple tart made as it has been for 50 years, Despite the fact that guests have always loved the original recipe....

So: Go figure... And while you're at it, let us know: Have you any recipe mashups YOU'D love to share? We're all ears!!
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