I just finished watching the week's episode of The Pioneer Woman. As I may have said before, I really enjoy that show, and love what she creates in her kitchen.

I love to cook and bake as well. In fact, a friend just told me I ought to start a food blog. But there are so many out there, i don't know how I'd gain any traction.

I DID create a great apple muffin recipe the other day, and once I get it written down, I will share it.

Meanwhile, here's a recipe from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman which I am going to have to try. It's for cheddar cheese crackers. My mother told me the other day that she saw a demo recently of someone making crackers, an item she'd never ever thought to bake. She said the resulting crackers were SO MUCH BETTER than those we can buy boxed at the store, and urged me to try baking crackers...

So this recipe looks to me like it's my cheddar cracker opportunity...

Here's a link in case you want to try some too: Pioneer Woman's Cheddar Cheese Cracker Recipe
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