I had been looking for a new laptop for sometime but I didn't want one with Windows 8 installed or at least one with an option for Window 7. I delayed it too long because then there were none.. well almost none. The up charge to go backwards was a little bizarre.

I stumbled on a very reasonably priced laptop and I bought it in spite of the Windows 8 system. Not that I mind learning new things,I don't, but that this was unnecessary, in my mind, and because so many people had complained about it, I was nervous. I didn't really want the melt down I knew would be coming with the thing. I have a tendency to be a little ill tempered and impatient with technology.

I have battled with it for a few weeks now and thought I was getting somewhere but I got to the point where I just couldn't stand another minute of struggling with it. I finally looked for a add-on to bring back the old start button and menu that resembled Windows 7 or earlier. I found one, downloaded it and felt immediately better. Such a simple and easy thing that took away all the tension of that blasted Windows 8 start tile! Almost everything is back where it belongs. Thank Goodness!

Just a girl from the burbs