NABBW member Carol Orsborn has just notified me about a new service she's involved with, which may be of interest to many of our BWS members.

It's a service called mFaith, from an organization known as Corohealth. Specifically they have created a customized audio library of inspirational readings, prayers, sermons and meditations from the religious or spiritual tradition of your choice which you can listen to online, via your smart phone, etc.

Carol says the CoroFaith content was curated by a respected team of religious and spiritual experts drawn from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic and Islamic communities. There are also offerings in the category of general spirituality.

Apparently this app features over 1000 hours of content including both religious music and sermons, and was designed to provide spiritual and religious continuity for individuals from a broad range of beliefs and traditions.

Here's a link to a press release I found which tells more about how this unique wellness app works.
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