I just read a fascinating article on a blog called "Live and Invest Overseas." The article is about strange things hotel employees have found left behind after guests have departed.

It got me thinking back to my college days, when one of my best friends had a summer job as a maid in a resort that featured cabins for the guests. I recall her telling me that the stuff she had to clean up was sometimes REALLY strange.

I don't remember her mentioning any creepy stuff, but I do recall her telling me that she had to defrost the freezer once, because the guests had carefully "peppered" the ice in the freezer compartment --remember when freezer's weren't "frost free?" - with watermelon seeds!

And I read an article once that implied I had a better than average chance of finding money in my motel room -- the author said people often stash it in strange places like inside the toilet tank... Though to date I can't say I've ever found anything more than a pair of pjs in the bed. (Which was SO not cool!)

Anyway, here's the article -- I bet you'll be amused too:
We have all been there--you have managed to squeeze all your stuff into your inadequately sized suitcase when you notice that you have left out one unimportant possession. You make a calculated decision and decide that is it now a “gift” to the hotel. How generous you are.

However, some people’s deserted possessions are stranger than others. Here are the strangest things ever left behind in a hotel room-

Wooden leg
Both Travelodge and Swallow Hotels state that they have found artificial limbs in their rooms after guests have left. In one year, Travelodge says 80 false limbs were left behind in its various locations. How this could happen is anyone’s guess.

Maybe it was a lavish tip? Nonetheless, the house keeper at the Miami International Airport Hotel was very honest. She returned the money to her employers who then gave the cash back to the worried owner.

A Shark
The workers in the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura in the Algarve, Portugal, got a shock when they went to clean the bath and found a weakening shark. Luckily, the creature (in desperate need for salt water) was saved and released back into the wild.

Wigs and False Teeth
This happens more often than you would think and begs the question, how could you leave such important items behind? I guess they didn’t have time to look in the mirror?

A Wedding Ring
It happens but in Hotel Ranga in Iceland, the person never bothered to try to get the ring back despite the hotel’s best efforts. Proof that going on holidays can be stressful time for a mismatched couple.

A Wok
The manager at the Lake Terrace Motel in Virginia, USA, once discovered a wok sat on a melted lavatory seat. The departed guest had emptied the toilet of water, filled it with coal, and started cooking.

Car Keys
An understandable mistake, but what if it’s a Ferrari. It happened at the Hesperia Tower hotel in Barcelona. Stanger still, when the staff went out to the car park to find the confused customer, he and the car were gone. How he managed to do that is anyone’s guess.

A set of X-rays was once found in Newcastle's, England, Tulip Inn.

A Strange Text
The Londa hotel in Cyprus once had its own Da Vinci Code-style puzzle in its hands. They found a book with 'an odd cover' and no title in one of their rooms. It was written in an unrecognizable “strange language.” Beside it was an equally strange locked box with no apparent keyhole. To this day, they don’t fully understand what they found.

And if course, I'm curious: Did YOU ever find anything strange left behind in a hotel room?
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