Anybody have any ideas or suggestions (or words of wisdom if you've already been thru this) on changing an extra bedroom into a sewing room? It's been a bedroom for so long, I'm having trouble envisioning it as anything else. Wanted to make this change years ago, husband didn't seem to go for the idea at the time, then all of a sudden he came home one day and said a friend of his was coming to take the bed, so I could turn it into a sewing room. Now I keep thinking of all sorts of ideas (do I want a futon in there? Lots of storage. Room for a big cutting table and my sewing machine. What to do with my 80 pairs of shoes that are stored in there? And so on).
Don't know if he thought this would give me somtthing to think about while recovering from surgery on my foot or what but I'm not so sure that now is a good time to make changes, when I can't get out to look around and find what I want to put in there. I've been looking on the internet but would rather shop in person. I'm waiting for the bed to get out of there to take good measurements of the room, and looking thru the Ikea catalog!!