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#163066 - 10/18/08 03:12 AM Buy American. I Am.

Ladies, you may find the following link interesting. Although it is geared towards stocks, bonds, and investments, I imagine you could consider your other purchases(household, clothing, vehicle, etc.).

#163069 - 10/18/08 03:25 AM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: ]
Princess Lenora Offline

Registered: 11/11/04
Posts: 3503
Loc: Colorado
Mustang, thanks for the link. I have been looking for items made in America. I am mostly interested in clothing. Fully made in America, from textiles to assembly... If you come across any other sites like that, please let us know. Meanwhile, I can search too.

#163071 - 10/18/08 03:27 AM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: ]
orchid Offline

Registered: 01/21/07
Posts: 3675
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
And this Canadian continues to invest directly in Canadian stocks ...particularily Canadian companies with international operations. smile

I haven't bought U.S. stocks directly since I started to work full-time decades ago. I get the international financial exposure via industry sector-oriented mutual funds and index funds.

But right it doesn't feel great to be too vested in any stocks of any country's stripe.
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#163072 - 10/18/08 03:44 AM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: orchid]

#163358 - 10/21/08 02:25 AM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: ]
gims Offline

Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 3404
Loc: USA
thanks for the links mustangGal!

#166426 - 11/25/08 04:05 PM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: ]
Josie Offline

Registered: 11/08/05
Posts: 1211
Loc: NJ

Thanks for the great links, MG!!!!!!! I try to buy American and local as much as I can. Except for my cars. I wish America could make an all-wheel-drive small QUIET car. I hate hearing outside noise and buying a German car FINALLY got me my dream car. I hope it lasts forever. lol
Josie smile

#166442 - 11/25/08 07:24 PM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: Josie]
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
Thanks for the links. This time of year, I really try to buy from small businesses and the merchandise is usally made locally, or at least in the states. I also bought ponchos from chatty and am buying jewelry from Meredith.
Founder Emeritus of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#166467 - 11/25/08 11:14 PM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: Dotsie]
meredithbead Offline
The Divine Ms M

Registered: 07/07/03
Posts: 4894
Loc: Orange County, California
I've been thinking about this one and my most important consideration in purchase is not so much WHERE as HOW. I'd much rather buy a handmade item from an artisan across the globe, than ANYTHING at Wallyworld where they mistreat employees. And they make all this noise about being an American company, but then they buy cheap toys from China and our American children get lead poisoning.

As a very-small business owner, I'd rather give my money to another person who creates things from the labor of their hands, as opposed to a big company which cares nothing about their customers or their employees, only greed, greed and more greed.

This issue is not about lines drawn in the sand, "Buy from us, we're American" even if the company is a total pig. The issue to me is a value system. The value of a good product made to the best of one's abilities, not scrimping on materials or safety to make a bigger profit. The value of a person or company who stands behind their work and is proud of it. Not a company that stands behind our flag as an excuse to make crap and treat its customers or employees like dirt.

Every time a company like Wallyworld or GM uses "buy American" they DEGRADE our flag because of the type of institution they are. You can dress a pig in an American flag, but it's still a pig.
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#166475 - 11/25/08 11:49 PM Re: Buy American. I Am. [Re: meredithbead]

Meredith, actually you make a very good point. For instance, I bought votive candles at Wal-Mart b/c they were cheap. This is a Wal-Mart packaged Mainstays produce made in the USA. Yet, no where near as nice as soy candles that cost more. I prefer Beanpod Candles. I understand the soybeans are grown in the USA and candles are made in the midwest.

GM can kiss my tootie bafrutie! A lot of their SUVs are having similar power steering issues and GM has issued a recall on some of their vehicles, not all.

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