Thank you Chatty for the info.
Mountain Ash, I just spoke to Donna in Customer Service at The Vermont Country Store, and you're in luck as they will/do post to the UK...Just so you know.

so I had a good look and ordered a catalogue on Thursday.
Then earlier today went on the website for a longer look.
Saw footed pyjamas..just like childrens but for adults.

Then did a search to see if there was a supplier in UK.
So far so good.
yes such things exist...all sizes ans even in plaid..fleece..
some sites are explicit...and no I wont be looking again..

seems they are sold authenticly for chilly people.
along with diapers and unmentionables here amongst friends.
I jusT did not know and wish I still didn't.
However if any one will post me a pair I can guarantee they are for a chilly person...only made to measure in the UK.
and I dont want on their mailing list.
Mountain ash