I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this. I have been walking to work (40 minutes each way) for the past month,and I work out more than three times per week. I'm also over weight and was wondering if the strain on my body is caused from being overweight.

The past couple of weeks my heels have had sharp pains in them. This happens especially at night when I go to bed. They really hurt, like stabbing pains. I take a tylenol which helps me get to sleep.

The past few days I have been sore everywhere. Basic aches and pains, feels like my entire body is bruised. My fingers hurt too and when I massage them they really ache.

Not to self diagnose myself, but I was wondering if this is the beginning of arthritis or just my body telling me to take it easier. I'm 50 and have been working out for the past year and this just started up recently. If been really active this past year but before that I lived a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Just wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I do get hot flashes but still get my periods. Wondering if aches and pains are a part of menopause?