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#128465 - 09/28/07 05:40 PM Your special books
Mountain Ash Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 3027
I wanted to ask others about books that have had an impact on them.And why Hope this is ther right place.
Books are my friends...
Please say a few words about any book that stays in your thoughts.Sharing may show each other how much we all have in common.
Could take a while girls...maybe a seperate place Dotsie.
Mountain ash

#128466 - 09/28/07 07:22 PM Re: Your special books [Re: Mountain Ash]
orchid Offline

Registered: 01/21/07
Posts: 3675
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
Great topic for some bookworms here. Ok, kinda long-winded:

1. There is an old Chinese legend of Fu-Ma Lan, the woman warrior where a young woman decided to protect her family’s honour by conscripting and disguising herself as a warrior to fight for battle. Only men were allowed to fight in war. Her father is too old to fight and there are no sons to fight on behalf for the family. As you know, traditional Chinese thinking is preference for sons.

She does return from battle to her family where they welcome her with love. This legend was turned into a Disney cartoon movie.

The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, transforms the legend. Writer is American of Chinese descent living in Hawaii. She was born in California. She weaves abit of autobiography, bits of fantasy and transforms some Chinese legends and fairytales into the American experience. It is the first novel (prior to Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” on fictional stories of several relationships between Chinese-American women and their mothers. Also made into a movie.)

The book was recommended to me when I was in deep depression and in therapy in my early 20’s.. It inspired me…for its bold artistry and images of resistance against stereotypes, understanding of myself in relation to family, broader societal attitudes and need to be involved in positive/creative change/self-expression, etc, Kingston got a lot of flack and was misunderstood for her storytelling technique, but she did pioneer for other Asian-American female fictional writers. The pen can be after all, the sword.

2. On life of first Afro-American U.S. Supreme Court judge, Thurgood Marshall. He took Martin Luther King’s dream of equality, one step further….he had to help draft the law, fight the court cases. I recommend reading his life…what it truly means to put equality to the test….in law and in the courts. Otherwise some things never change. He helped desegregate the schools in the U.S.

He was quite different than Clarence Thomas, another black judge appointed later to U.S. Supreme Court. As you know Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by the black lawyer, Anita Hill. Honourable Justice Marshall was the opposite, an inspiring gentleman.

Yes bks. #1 & 2, did serve as touchstones for me…that my family and their accomplishments / rights are worth defending. Yes, my volunteer work in race relations, immigrant services for 2 organiztions for several years ..serve as perhaps tangible tools of assisting in positive change.
There are other great books for entirely different reasons. But I would say these 2 bks. inspired me keep on going and to go…boldly. I have both books twice and still have them....just in case I should need some inspiration again.

(Note: Canada has not yet appointed a non-white judge to its highest Supreme Court. However the Chief Justice for the highest court level in Canada is a woman. She is a first woman to hold this position, Madame Justice Beverly McLaughlin. She was appointed only a few years ago.)
_________________________ (How cycling leads to other types of adventures, thoughts)

#128467 - 09/28/07 08:16 PM Re: Your special books [Re: orchid]
Mountain Ash Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 3027
Love this..taking into consideration I will write of Scottish authors mainly we can act as advisors also.
Mine is SUNSET SONG Lewis Grassic Gibbon.It is the first in a triology. It tells of Chris.a farmers daughter..her emerging womenhood and first love.The language is beautiful not from my region in Scotland but poetic and in fact song.The three book are called THE SCOTS Quair.
Have more books up my sleeve.
Mountain ash

#128468 - 09/28/07 08:22 PM Re: Your special books [Re: Mountain Ash]
Mountain Ash Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 3027
The first, and usually considered the best, of Lewis Grassic Gibbon's trilogy of books that appeared between 1932 and 1934, which became known as "A Scots Quair", Sunset Song is a superb free-standing novel.

When phrases like "one of the most acclaimed Scottish novels of the 20th century" and "voted best Scottish book of all time" appear on the cover of a book, it can lead to a degree of wariness. But Sunset Song really is a truly magnificent book, one that takes you on a carefully paced and entrancing journey.
Mountain ash

#128469 - 09/29/07 12:09 AM Re: Your special books [Re: Mountain Ash]
DonnaJ Offline

Registered: 11/01/03
Posts: 1076
Loc: Ohio, USA
Right now I'm reading a book titled "The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg. My favorite chapter is 'A Dee-Dah Day.' It has so much rich material in it that I'm having to read and re-read to let it all sink in. Here's a link:

I just discovered the small groups edition, so I may check into teaching it at church.

New! "Love Under the Bubble Wrap - a Novelette"

#128470 - 09/29/07 11:35 AM Re: Your special books [Re: DonnaJ]
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
I know this is the weenie way out, but check out this link to see the books I've read in the last few years:

Recent Reads

When I was a kid I hated reading. I tell my kids, “Hate is a very strong word. Please don’t say that.” In this case, it’s appropriate! Summer reading was like sitting me in a torture chamber and jamming splinters under my fingernails, then rooting at them with tweezers and sterilized needles. It’s what kept me from running the neighborhood with my friends, and I hated it. Football, base-runners, flashlight tag, jump rope, Chinese jump rope, hop scotch, roller skating, ice skating, jacks, rubber band battles, and any other activity with motion suited me.

I guess it wasn’t until I went through infertility that I started picking up books. Then came my re-introduction to faith, adoption, and children! At that stage of the game, I chose to read everything I could get my hands on to make me a better mom, wife, and Christian.

Years have passed and I’m now a ferocious reader. Book stores are my friends, and books, my best friends. Family and friends rank up there too! Nothing takes the place of my people, but you get the point.

Writing came later in life for me and along with it came more books to read, and a great excuse to read them - research. I’m a driven woman and must always be doing something constructive with my time. I’m doing research I tell myself, as I sit with a book in my face. I’m no slacker!

Wanting to share my love of the sport (see, now it’s a sport!) I’ve decided to list my recent reads. If you’ve read them, tell me. If not, and you want an opinion, e-mail me. I love to "talk" about books. Also, check out our BWS forums for more information about readers' favorite books.

Edited by Dotsie (09/29/07 11:36 AM)
Founder Emeritus of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#128471 - 09/29/07 02:46 PM Re: Your special books
Mountain Ash Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 3027
I have always read..even before school.Gran had all my uncles things..he was a late baby for her and only 10 years older.So I copied him.I got a comic and read alone.At sunday school we got a monthy magazine called Golden Rays.Then each week gran got a magazine called Peoples Friend which had a childrens section.I soon progress to reading short stories and loved when it said "continued on page..."All through school I read and even did book swap with girl friends.
I cycled played tennis and was a dancer did all team sports for school.I still found magic in books.
By the way..I still get Peoples Friend.Its an old fashioned magazine very Scottish and if anyone wants my copy just send a PM and I will share the old fashioned in the modern world.
I pray I can always read and have the sheer pleasure I have enjoyed since a little person.
Mountian ash

#128472 - 10/23/07 07:00 PM Re: Your special books [Re: Mountain Ash]
gims Offline

Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 3404
Loc: USA
I've recently finished, "The Peacegivers"... it was written by a Mormon and references some Mormon scriptures, but oh what a book. There was one part (a little before midway) where I wanted the writing to stop. I felt more words would ruin it. But, I read on to [re]learn what other truths the author had to offer.

#128473 - 10/23/07 07:48 PM Re: Your special books [Re: gims]
jawjaw Offline
Da Queen

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 12025
Loc: Alabama
Tell Me Your Secrets - Deirdre Purcell
I picked this book up in Ireland and couldn't put it down. I love the way this woman writes.

My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
Again, one I couldn't stop reading, a great writer!

For One More Day - Mitch Albom
Loved it

Fortune is a Lady -
One of my favorites. A classic to me. Good luck finding it anywhere, though. This is NOT the book by Niccolo Machiavelli. I'll try and find the author's name.

Anything written by Lewis Grizzard OR Erma Bombeck, I love. Period. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I love reading books by people I've met like the ladies on this board, for instance.

But a couple of books that have impacted my way of thinking are:

Bird by Bird - Anne Lamont
She is such an honest writer and just exposes all of her fears to the world, while teaching us how to be better writers. I love that in her.

The Power of Positive Thinking - Norman Vincent Peale
Read it and be inspired.

#128474 - 10/24/07 09:18 AM Re: Your special books [Re: jawjaw]
Mountain Ash Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 3027
The Power of Positive Thinking - Norman Vincent Peale
Read it and be inspired.
these type of books which take you by the hand are truly friends.
Sarah Ban Brathnach..Simple Abundance and Something More
for me a way of life.

Dorothy Rowe..Friends and Enemies
taught me so much.

Scott Peck...all of his writing.
Thats all for now.
mountain ash

#128475 - 10/25/07 06:45 AM Re: Your special books [Re: Mountain Ash]
gims Offline

Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 3404
Loc: USA
I LOVE Anne Lamont...

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