Who still works

Posted by: orchid

Who still works - 11/08/14 01:33 AM

..I mean to earn money. Obvious that Di, Anne do.
Just wonderin'.

Yes, I work full-time. Only 2 people around my age might have the choice of early retirement. Other friends same age as I, have to work since they were like me...switched several jobs and employers.

But that's ok for me.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Who still works - 11/08/14 09:12 PM

I'm like you, Orchid, I switched jobs and employers a lot until I finally got up the nerve to work fr myself about 25 years ago -- spurred on my my employer;s decision to eliminate my position. (I actually tried it roughly 30 years ago, fell flat on my face and had to get a job again.)

The second time I tried working for myself it started out as temporary, while I looked for a new position. But eventually I realized I was doing better on my own than I had done as an employee. And my old clients -- from the agency that let me go -- started coming to me for their marketing projects. Which was very gratifying.

At this point, working from home on my own schedule, I see no reason to ever quit working.
Posted by: Di

Re: Who still works - 11/09/14 03:54 AM

Yes, "still working" and loving it.

Thankfully I have a husband/partner who is patient. He retired 13 years ago and began helping me...full time.

I'm my happiest at our markets. The customer interaction is what I thrive on. And the creativity behind what we do is muoy importante...and genetic!