November newsletter and coupon

Posted by: Di

November newsletter and coupon - 11/07/14 05:57 PM

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Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: November newsletter and coupon - 11/12/14 10:40 PM

Great newsletter as usual Di!

I have a question on the turkey stuffing hint. Are you saying scoop my stiffing into a mesh bag and then insert the mouth of the bag into the turkey cavity, then squeeze the stuffing out of the bag and into the turkey via the bag?

I'm imaging that would give the stuffing some compression, and save a lot of mess in the scooping process. I assume you do NOT mean to leave the stuffing filled onion bag inside the bird...

And of course, thanks for clarifying that yours is a multi-use coupon!

Posted by: Di

Re: November newsletter and coupon - 11/13/14 12:53 AM

I've never done a turkey before Anne, but I was talking to a friend today about this very hint. SHE leaves the bag IN the turkey!