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Bedspreads... - 11/14/16 05:19 PM

Recently discovered microfiber bedspreads. They're light weight but warm as can be. Love them.
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Re: Bedspreads... - 11/17/16 10:17 PM

Hmmm. I've not seen them Jabber. But I'm intrigued, because the last few years, I am always cold in bed. I have a wool blanket folded in half on our bed these days -- Just on my side of the bed.

The regular blanket we use, which is a light weight wool blend, is advertised to be perfectly comfortable year round. Supposedly employing some kind of NASA technology to keep the user totally comfortable year round.

Steve is fine with it. But I need that extra Norwegian wool blanket over top.

Something like you mention could be the answer...

Have you tried it?

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Re: Bedspreads... - 11/18/16 04:03 PM

Yes. I bought two of them. One for the RV and on for our bed.

These micofiber comforters are sold at Wal-Mart in the bedding section but they're in a clear plastic rolled zipper bag. I think they're relatively new. But I love them.

Don't like the microfiber sheets; they're not soft enough. But the comforters are awesome!
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Re: Bedspreads... - 11/21/16 07:37 PM

Cool! I'll go check 'em out! But not this week. Staying away from Walmart until next week... LOL