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Posted by: chatty lady

Money growing... - 03/02/06 05:51 AM

Have any of you heard of the latest way to save money being offered by Bank of America? You get a Visa bank card and everytime you spend money and use the card to pay for the purchase whatever change (pennies and/or silver) you would otherwise be handed, it is deposited into your money plan AND for so many months the Bank matches that amount...After awhile they match 5% but hey thats still not bad and they pay interest of 4.5% yearly. My neighbor said in only 4 months she has $41.80 in her account. She figures it was only change she would have otherwise wasted. I am hoping my bank copy cats this idea so I don't have to change banks. What do you ladies [Cool] think of this idea?
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Re: Money growing... - 03/02/06 09:30 PM

Every little bit helps.

We prefer the airline creidt card that gives us free air miles. Always trying to get something for nothing, but why not? My son flies back and forth form college for free. One of our concerns with him going so far away was the expense of seeing him. Charging tuition (paying the credit card company off immediately) gives us tons of free air miles.
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Re: Money growing... - 03/04/06 01:28 AM

Do you have to change banks to get their card? Need to check that out, the commercial doesn't make it sound like you have to belong to any particular bank.

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Re: Money growing... - 03/04/06 05:43 AM

Sherri for the info I gave you don't have to change banks but do need to open an account with Bank of America. They are the only bank offering this "change back" service.