college tuition

Posted by: Dotsie

college tuition - 10/15/04 03:33 PM

This is odd, but I read that it's best not to save for your chilren's college education. The reasoning: if you don't have the money when the time rolls around you are more likely to get assistance. Why didn't someone tell us this years ago?

Do you think this is the lazy way out, or do you think it's smart?
Posted by: Songbird

Re: college tuition - 10/15/04 03:44 PM

The little help that goverment offers is not enough at all, when you realize it costs around over $30,000 a yr.(at least at RIT, where my son is). Kids end up having to take student loans and paying so much after they graduate. But for some, that's the only way.

I still think it's a good idea to save some along the way before you're faced with such outrageous expenses. It gives you more options as to what univ. to apply for. [Smile]
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: college tuition - 10/15/04 05:44 PM

In my humble opinion, saving for ANYTHING is always smart. It doesn't matter if it's college, a new set of pots and pans, or a root canal...saving is the way to go.

Student Loans are helpful but they can be like an albatross to a fresh graduate who is ready with a new job and wants to possibly move out, buy a car, get furniture, hey, maybe even marry. I say, save for their tuition, and if they get a scholarship, then use that money for a trust fund, or a nice vacation, or to pay off my credit card...what?

Posted by: Dotsie

Re: college tuition - 10/17/04 04:03 PM

I thought it was a ridiculous article, but wondered if it had any credit. It doesn't sound like it.