Next NABBW Teleseminar Set

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Next NABBW Teleseminar Set - 03/12/13 07:46 PM

We had such a great discussion on "Six IRA Planning Mistakes to Avoid," this past Thursday, that Pam Sams and I decided to extend the discussion into another call. Titled " Six More IRA Planning Mistakes to Avoid," the call will be THIS Thursday, March 14th at 8 PM Eastern time.

Since there will be an opportunity to ask Pam your own questions on the call, I hope you will decide to join us!

Remember, the call is free and lasts 60 minutes. You can access the call from your computer or via Skype if you don't want to incur a long distance toll charge. All info on how to do this is on the link above.

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Re: Next NABBW Teleseminar Set - 03/15/13 07:57 PM

OOPS! Now and then a technical challenge knocks me upside the head... Last night was one of those nights. The call promoted above did not happen.

But the good news is we have rescheduled it for the same time (8 PM Eastern) THIS COMING Thursday, March 21st.

The link for the call is here:

Pam reminds me that we will be covering
1) IRD deduction (that's not a typo, "IRD" stands for Income in Respect of a Decedent
2) Roth IRA’s
3) IRA Contribution Limits
4) Spousal Contributions
5) Trusts and IRA’s
6) Unnecessary Penalties
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Re: Next NABBW Teleseminar Set - 04/01/13 07:18 PM

Pam and I are at it again. We're talking about Social Security -- What Women Need to Know -- this Thursday evening. All the details here: NABBW Social Security teleseminar