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Office Gifts - 11/04/08 06:19 PM

With no raise nor bonus this predicted for next year, I cannot afford office gifts. Regardless of finances, 2 of the 3 attorneys I work for are just horrors - female attorneys can be very obnoxious! I do not believe they are deserving.

The 3rd is a charming southern gentleman who lost his daughter a few weeks ago. I plan to make a small contribution to a scholarship in her (Kate's) honor - perhaps I should do it in their names and alleviate any ill feelings. Also, I just don't want to get gifts for any other coworkers b/c, well I hate to be hateful, they just don't deserve it!

The female attorneys are verbally abrasive, dishonest, set up their staff for collision, demanding, curse, call me at home and yell (I don't answer their calls anymore) and berate us in front of other staff. Basically, we're treated like yard dawgs.

The younger attorney is pregnant and when she has her baby shower I will not plan it nor participate. I just believe in equality, not class branding.

Am I wrong?
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Office Gifts - 11/04/08 09:01 PM

In my estimation Mustang, we give 'gifts' to people we feel are deserving of our regard, admiration, love or even just to make ourselves feel good.

It doesn't sound like any of the people you work with meet any of the requirements to give a gift to. Besides if they treat you so badly all year long, what makes you or anyone think they would appreciate what you gave them?

Save your money dear, buy something nice for yourself, or your pets who love you no matter what.

About the donation to the man whose daughter died, and putting it in the other lawyers names, if the amount isn't LARGE enough how much do you want to bet they won't be pleased with that. They sound like phoney-baloney fakes to say the least!!!

Remember none of us owes anybody a gift just because they are there. I bet they aren't thinking about or worrying what they'll give to you!! If its a bonus its not out of goodness of heart, but because they have to to keep you mildly happy so you won't quit and then they'd have no one willing to allow them to kick them around. We have discussed this on the phone already.
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Re: Office Gifts - 11/04/08 09:06 PM

sick (Gee, has any forum member used this face icon yet?)

Mustang, I feel for you since I did work for a major nationl law firm, legal aid and for the judiciary...all 3 separate different workplaces in the legal world.

I hope you ply your skills somewhere else. As you know, not all lawyers are like the monsters you describe. But somehow the adversarial training of a lawyer (trained to analyze and defend a client) just tends to spill over too often for some of them.

no need to feel obligated to get individual gifts.

However maybe to get rid of too many chocolates/candies given to you...bring a set to the office to share with everyone else. smile

That's all I would do if I worked in an atmosphere like yours.