Posted by: orchid

Curious - 09/26/10 01:30 AM

Is jawjaw still here?
Posted by: jabber

Re: Curious - 10/02/10 02:34 PM

Chatty says jj is traveling somewhere. The lady keeps busy.
But I miss her clowing around, too!
Posted by: jabber

Re: Curious - 10/03/10 01:03 PM

There must be more clowns around here somewhere?
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Curious - 05/12/11 07:45 PM

JJ quit BWS when she began working fulltime. She might pop in from time to time but is very busy especially now since the tornados hit and her kids and grandkids are at her house. How could anyone not miss JJ, she is one of a kind and all good!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Curious - 08/03/11 06:49 PM

I sent JJ a message today asking how shes doing, hopefully she'll answer so I can relate to you all how she is.
Posted by: Dianne

Re: Curious - 08/04/11 01:43 AM

Received email from her and she's fine, just working a lot of hours but loving it.
Posted by: jabber

Re: Curious - 08/06/11 01:56 PM

Gosh I miss that lady.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Curious - 08/06/11 07:44 PM

I miss her too! She is one of a kind!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Curious - 09/10/11 12:08 AM

We don't hear much from you either Dianne and you too are missed. Hope you had a super birthday!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Curious - 01/29/12 01:00 AM

Are there many new women joining the NABBW these days?
Posted by: Sandpiper

Re: Curious - 02/01/12 11:28 PM

I don't get here as often as I'd like to. Sometimes it's in the middle of the night before I go to bed. I lurk about reading various posts. I'm trying to get here more often. I like this so much better than FB.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Curious - 02/02/12 04:38 AM

Glad you like us better than Facebook, Sandpiper.

NABBW does have a Facebook page, but it's kind of "in flux" right now because I don't have admin status. Which means I have no control on what gets posted where.

I am trying to work with Dotsie to get admin status - but it's sort of "the blind leading the blind."

I'll keep everyone posted on that process proceeds. Meanwhile, I think we have a good thing going on here...
Posted by: jabber

Re: Curious - 02/02/12 02:25 PM

This site seems to have more depth as far as emotions and everyday life goes. IMHO. I love it here. And I love the moral and emotional support. That is so nice to have!!!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Curious - 03/03/12 11:43 PM

It's always been this way jabber. We have lost alot of women over time but keep gaining new ones. Then there are "we women" who have never left since joining/.
Posted by: orchid

Re: Curious - 03/04/12 08:02 PM

I won't be going onto Facebook. Life is getting busy. Besides people who I know well don't use FB either. So what's the point for me?

People talk about sharing photos, etc. That's nice but some of my siblings lead very busy lives with paid jobs and young children. They have no time to FB with photos (when they get around to unloading their digital photos) vs. spending quality time with their families.

Besides sharing photos is um...1-3 times per year in our family.

Posted by: orchid

Thx to Anne - 03/04/12 08:09 PM

I want to express my appreciation to Anne who stated the need for us to only link to legitimate, verifiable information sources. (This was some stuff posted by "charlotte".)

It seriously points out how we and younger generations must learn/sharpen our information literacy skills. What criteria are we using to assess, select and recommend information sources from the web.

My advice is:
*who is the author, their credentials and expertise/formal training. Their organizational links.
*does the referenced organization offer a mailing address, phone number. How long have they been in business?
*do they have a business license, are they listed in local phone directories.
*Any of their staff belong to professional organizations, are they active in them?
*Do they list associated non-profit and govn't orgnanizations?
*Do they understand the law as it relates to their industry?

Etc. This is stuff teachers and librarians are trying to cultivate in the next generations.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Thx to Anne - 03/04/12 08:22 PM

I appreciate the thanks, Orchid, and your excellent list of criteria. My goal with this site is to provide support and helpful information to our members. Knowing that we are providing accurate content is extremely important to me.
Posted by: Kathy A

Re: Curious - 09/04/12 08:39 PM

Hi, I am new to NABBW. I just retired from teaching this past year, so am looking forward to enjoying my time. I am excited to get to know the women in this organization. I am not real tech savy in social media, so hope I learn some.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Curious - 09/04/12 10:03 PM

Welcome, Kathy A!

We're glad to have you join us! Posting to the forum is pretty easy to manage. We just have a couple of rules, which are posted at the front of the site.

Other than that, we hope you'll explore the topics we've been discussing and add your "two cents worth" wherever and whenever you feel like you'd like to joint the conversation. And, we'd be delighted if you become one of us "regulars" who drop in every day... (Though there's no pressure to do that, of course.)
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Curious - 09/05/12 12:44 AM

Welcome, Kathy A! I look forward to getting to know you.