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Posted by: chatty lady

TV Commercials - 02/19/11 09:40 PM

Have you noticed, not only are they getting grosser and grosser but they get so LOUD. I am forever muting the TV when a commercial blasts onto the scene. God forbid I am in another room and someone is sleeping late at night. There is suppose to have been a law past awhile back where advertisers couldn't blast commercials; well if that's true many stations haven't heard it yet.
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Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/22/11 12:59 AM

Chatty, I haven't noticed the commercials blaring so much on the TV - and I thought there were regulations that kept stations from blasting the commercials louder than the shows.

But recently I watched a couple of shows on and I can attest to the fact that the commercials THERE are much louder than the shows.

Once I noted that, I figured the federal law on broadcast commercial audio volume must not apply to shows broadcast online.

Has anyone else noted this about the online shows?
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/22/11 02:51 AM

I have noticed that some commercials are way louder than the shows. I don't know about online though as I haven't watched any. But the House and Senate passed, and Obama signed in November, a new law to reduce the volume of commercials. Stations have until Dec this year to comply.

If you're interested, there are articles online such as:

Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/22/11 10:19 AM

The commercials are still louder even than the shows on TV. I hope the bill passed about tuning down by December is adhered to...
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/22/11 02:53 PM

Me, too, Chatty. And do you have the problem where the TV is way louder in the morning? I find I have to turn the volume way down in the morning to watch news and weather, but then in the evening I can't even hear it at the volume I left it in the morning! Drives me nuts!!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/26/11 12:46 AM

Yonuh, I thought it was my hearing going bad. I am glad that's not the problem but it is still such a huge pain. I hope if Dec. 2011 is the deadline for stations to comply, they are policed and forced to adhere to the new rules.
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 02/26/11 12:52 AM

I wouldn't hold your breath, Chatty. I'm sure they'll find some way to get around it!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 03/19/11 11:02 PM

Lord I hope not Yonuh, because if I didn't have a remote I'd have had to jump up several dozen times just last nignht every time a com mercial csame on. That or get your eardrums blasted. Now there are two ways to look at the remote, thank God for them OR if we didn't have them we would get much more exercise getting up and down the way we use to... As my mother would say:
We can't win for losing!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 04/15/11 01:25 AM

Oh and could some of these ridiculous commercials be any stupider?? If you watch one and don't know what the heck they are selling then that's a stupid commercial. Since when does a bikinid be-otch make a car drive better, or a burger tastier??
Good grief they think us so shallow and stupid and actually so many people are...
Posted by: jabber

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 04/21/11 06:04 PM

I see commercials over and over again, and I still don't know
what the heck they're selling. Some are gross. Some are stupid.
Some are sickening.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Loud TV Commercials - 05/04/11 09:48 PM

Too bad there isn't some way to cut them out completely! I can't believe what they are allowed to advertise in prime time for kids to see.