Brutal Delivery Today

Posted by: Eagle Heart

Brutal Delivery Today - 12/10/10 05:14 PM

I found this so brutal and unacceptable, I just have to vent. As many of you know, I had surgery Nov 22; my results appointment was originally scheduled for Jan 10th, but earlier this week they called and moved it up to Dec 21st and moved the appointment to the cancer centre. So that was my first clue that perhaps things weren't as clean as the surgeon had told me the morning after the operation.

Today, I just received in the mail a HUGE package from the cancer centre, it was full of brochures and information sheets for people diagnosed with cancer. Since I haven't even officially been TOLD by anyone at any point in this entire process that I actually have cancer, I found this delivery to be brutal and bewildering. Am I supposed to conclude from this that the results did definitely show cancer, and that it's such that I need further chemo or radiation treatment?

Even if I suspected that further treatment might be necessary, it still would have been preferable to receive an official diagnosis in person than to have received it via this rather ambiguous means.
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/10/10 06:52 PM

That is simply unacceptable! No matter what the diagnosis is, whether it's cancer or not, someone really screwed up! I'm sorry, Eagle Heart, that you had to go through this. Can you call and rant at someone? That's what I would do. It can't reverse what happened, but sometimes ranting and yelling at someone makes one feel better.
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/10/10 07:11 PM

Wow! Eagle Heart, I've have to guess that someone really screwed up. IF in fact things are not as rosy as you had thought, you certainly deserve to hear this information in person. It is absolutely NOT acceptable to send someone material like that with no prior warning or consultation.

I'm going to hope that it was just a colossal screw-up and none of the mailing was actually meant for you!
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/11/10 01:29 AM

That was really bad timing, Eagle. I would be on the phone and politely ask nurse/receptionist why you received this pkg. so soon? Was it part of their normal procedure.

And ask this question again at the treatment centre..give your complaints to whomever is responsible for patient writing.
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/11/10 02:45 PM

I'm sorry you've had to go through this, Eagle. Prayers and
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/11/10 10:40 PM

Have you contacted your doctor yet? If you can't reach him over the weekend, try to stay calm. It is most likely an error. I don't think even the worst doctor would be this negligent and frankly cruel to let a cancer patient know the diagnose this way.

Keep us updated!
Posted by: Eagle Heart

Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/11/10 11:29 PM

No I haven't contacted anyone yet, but will probably call the surgeon's office on Monday and ask her to relay my discomfort and dismay to the doctor. I had a really rough day yesterday because of this, but then decided to put it aside and focus on what I DO know...I've recently joined an online cancer support group for this specific cancer. While all of the women there are equally appalled at the timing of the package being sent, they also all agree that it's probably standard procedure for a package to be sent at some point. So I'm trying to look at this as a screw-up in timing, not a cruel effort to get the diagnosis across without actually having to give it in person.

The other thing I'm remembering is what the surgeon told me the morning after the operation, that she saw no sign of cancer anywhere outside of the uterus, no tumours or masses (lots of undiagnosed endometriosis though)...she would know if she had seen something suspicious and would have told me that morning. So I'm clinging to her words and choosing to think that even if there IS a diagnosis of cancer it's probably in the very earliest stages, given her own initial optimism.

But I'm still going to talk CALMLY with someone, whoever the surgeon's nurse thinks needs to hear it, about the timing of the package. There ought to be some sort of caveat saying that just because someone receives this package doesn't mean it's an automatic diagnosis...that it's just procedure for anyone coming to the cancer centre for any appointment. Apparently one of the girls in my group got a similar package even before she had her biopsy, simply because the biopsy was being done in the cancer ctr.
Posted by: Mountain Ash

Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/12/10 12:18 PM

The support of a group who have been there in your invaluable.My thoughts are its standard to receive a package.due to what the surgeon said..
however its sad you will have to attend to this..but do it you must..ask for a reply...dont leave it in "for their information only" mode.
all groups where mutual support is given..for Eagle...these new women will appreciate being able to help you.
all my best for the next step..remember to rest and then rest some more
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/14/10 01:49 PM

Don't forget you're an eagle, Eagle: Get in the spirit and soar high above this garbage!!! wink
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 12/24/10 02:23 AM

What can I add Eagle? I am leaning to someone making a mistake because I have never heard of such unprofessionalism, not ever in my life. I would definitely get an answer however even if I showed up unannounced on the doctors doorstep package in hand.
Gods blessings!
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Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 01/05/11 09:57 PM

So Eagle did you talk to the doctor about the mix up or what?
Posted by: Eagle Heart

Re: Brutal Delivery Today - 01/06/11 03:59 PM

I didn't mention it to the doctor during that visit (it was my first and only time seeing this particular specialist). But I did write about it on the questionnair that had to be filled out, and I also mentioned it to the module receptionist. She told me it was routine to send the package out to everyone prior to their first visit to the cancer centre. I told her how upsetting it had been to receive it before hearing the pathology results, and she was quite receptive and interested in that perspective. I don't know if it will change the policy, but this cancer centre is quite renowned for their constant endeavors to make the whole process as caring and stressfree as possible, so maybe it will help somewhere down the road.