Hidden Talents....got any???

Posted by: Poppie

Hidden Talents....got any??? - 04/09/09 10:01 PM

Right,don't pelt me with rotten fruits just yet, we got hours of fun outta this. Yup it's random....but my seroquel has worn off and I am easily lead!
You know the way ya just catch a wee bit of telly and kinda watch but don't realy beleive something very strangly wonderous..and no matter what, ya can't take your eyes of it??

Well, we(as in my estranged wife and I)re discovered that peice of telly on utube and wonder if ya'll get it! Watch for the impression of David Blunkett an MP in Britian who happens to be blind(that defines what this man is doing)....but ya need to watch a fair bit of it to get it!