Any scrapbookers out there?

Posted by: Louisa

Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/16/04 04:48 AM

Anyone do scrapbooking?

Posted by: Songbird

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/16/04 05:06 AM

Me, not really. I sometimes make handmade greeting cards.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/16/04 05:31 AM

Yes, Louisa,
I love to scrapbook and carry some of it in a shop here on the coast.
What are you working on? I am trying to start my husbands scrapbook for his birthday in August.
Just need to sit down and put it together. I did one for me last year. That one was recommended by a writer. Also am working on family ones.
Sometimes Dotsie calls me the Arts and Crafts queen.
Posted by: WizardofZA

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/16/04 06:51 PM

About two years ago, I started organizing all our family photos in scrapbooks. They had been in photo albums with no descriptions, and nobody ever looked at them. My incentive was to give my daughter a scrapbook of her life as a shower gift. I organized the photos by making a scrapbook for each calendar year, and tried to discipline myself by doing one year each month. I am not at all professional, but it was fun reliving all the memories, vacations, birthday parties, etc. The only problem was that once the wedding loomed closer and I got busier and busier, my monthly discipline got lost in the shuffle. For the shower last October, my daughter had a book that was missing the first 5 years of her life, and she is my younger daughter! That meant that I still have about 10 years and a second child to finish...hahaha. The wedding was in January, and I figured I would pick up right where I left off. NOT. I have barely put one year together since winter. All the supplies are in my office, which I see everyday, and one of these days.........
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/17/04 12:20 AM

I-yiyi! There was atime when I put every picture in an album with captions and descriptions. That ended about ten years ago. I also have lots of catching up to do.

We spend the 2000 New Year with some friends. We stayed in a hotel at our inner harbor for a couple nights, took tons of pictures, and had a real blast.

My girlfriend is a pro at scrapbooking. She gave me everything I needed including teeny stickers, cut-outs, and the album so I could commemorate our celebration of the new century. It's all still in a closet upstairs. [Frown] One of these days!
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/17/04 04:03 AM

Wow Wizard, what an accomplishment!! Its hard to keep working on them when its so pretty outside.
At least for me it is. Its also easier for me when I am working in a group. The inspiration flows easier. Then I can come home and go to work.
Were trying to organize a group here that just gathers and scrapbooks with no pressure to buy anything.
Posted by: Seth

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/22/04 02:02 AM

I've been scrapping for a few years now. I find it goes in spurts. Right now we're trying to sell our house, so living "clean" is not condusive to scrapping. I have made heritage books, family books, small books, and even two baby books for my daughters, with no pictures, for them to fill in. I also did a wedding book for one of my daughters, that she could fill in. My nephew was in an awesome performance group for several years during the summer, and each year I made him a book to remember the summer. I think it's a great relaxer, and an awesome gift. I also enjoy going to scrapbooking conventions. The only thing I don't like about the whole concept is that some people, or manufacturers are going to such extremes, that the photos are almost insignificant. I can't go along with that "piece of art" concept. I just like nice pages that enhance my pictures, and tell a story when appropriate. It's a great hobby!!!
Posted by: Louisa

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/22/04 04:43 AM

Hi, Maggie,
I have several "started." I have a ton of stuff and even more pictures. My daughter got me into it. She's real good at it. I'm doing one on my husband, but it's only about half done. I have one on both of us with all sorts of pictures. I have a heritage one on "me." I plan to do a Disney one and one on Vegas now that I have hundreds of pictures of both. [Smile] [Cool]
Posted by: Lynn

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/23/04 03:53 AM

I have begun to scrapbook for my son and a family one for all. I have stopped-moving is not conducive to scrapbooking-you are right.

I am not professional at all. Just photos, captions, little doodads around.

Ten years ago I put togther a beautiful mahogany box (handmade) for my husband and got as many friends and family to contirute photos, essays, letters, poems etc to be included. I spent months compiling it all. It is definitely not fancy but presenting it to him was a huge thrill. I literally had to contact people fromall over the globe and then get the stuff here on time.

It actually brought tears to his eyes. Mostly because people took the time to contribute and participate in his 50th birthday.

Of course everything had commentary which really made the project! Wish we could all get together and just scrapbook together!

Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/23/04 08:42 AM

Wouldn't it be fun to get together like Lynn suggested and scrapbook. Oh Dotsie could we do this as part of our convention?
Wouldn't it be fun to bring the ones we've done of us to share with everyone. Your scrapbooks all sound so neat. I am just trying to get the pictures out of boxes and into something. They are not all professional either but its fun to do.
I like the ones with journaling in them.
I took an old photo album with me over to my aunts. We had fun going through it and putting names with the pictures. There was lots of laughter, tears and reminiscing. The next day she took us to a museum where she had donated a lot of things. I was writing down some of the stories.
Then we went to two cemeteries and I was able to write more stories, take pictures and learn a lot.
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/23/04 12:23 PM

Wow Maggie, what a cool idea! Yes Dots, do the scrapbooking thing. Maggie could teach a class on it, and my guess is that you could get a company who sells the materials to donate "stuff" for the class too, in hopes that the students would go out and buy their products!

I've never done this, but a girlfriend of mine has and boy, she has really done a lot of it. Course, she is real disciplined too.

I would be interested in knowing what your Aunt donated to a museum...what kinds of things?

Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/23/04 05:46 PM

Maggie, your gatherings with your aunt...have you been traveling, or is she in town?

I wish I had written more when Mom was alive. I find myself wishing I had paid closer attnetion to the details of her stories from younger days. [Frown]

Maybe I should get Dad to write some things down for us, or better yet get my son to video him telling stories. Hmmm.

Lynn, I love the box idea for a 50th. Ross turns 50 next August. I might have to steal your idea.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/24/04 07:10 AM

All the ideas here are wonderful. I too love the box, wish I had known of it sooner.
My aunt lives in Lakeview which is in the middle south of Oregon. It takes nine hours to get there so we made a nice vacation and took five days. She lived on a ranch for years and had donated her husbands saddle. That was what she wanted us to see. My grandmother had donated an organ which was always in the spare bedroom where we kids slept or played. There were family pictures on top of the organ.
When my aunts and father were growing up they lived on a ranch near Indians. There are a lot of items donated from their camp and the ranch. My husband and I both enjoy hanging out in museums so thoroughly enjoyed it but it was more fun to hear her stories about everything.
Yes, on the classes at a convention that sounds like fun.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/23/04 10:50 PM

Dotsie I love the video taping idea. One of my cousins did this with grandma and I will always treaure that tape. He had prepared a lot of questions so it was easier to keep her talking.
Reunions with family and friends like you've talked about are a wonderful way to do this. I think my grandmothers brother was also taped at the reunion.We didn't get to go to the reunion but I sent over a lot of geneology and family history. my mother was in the hospital at the time. He and I shared the same birthday so it was neat to see and hear him again. We sent cards for a long time. I have the last one he sent me after our son was born. I get so excited about all this stuff.
Posted by: Lynn

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/24/04 02:26 AM

Have I been asleep? What convention? Where and When?

What are the plan's?

Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/25/04 07:16 AM

The plan is to have BWS convention after the first obok is published.

It will probably be in Baltimore since tha'ts where I'm from. How's that sound to you Lynn? YOu should be able to come and you won't even have to fly. [Wink]

Maggie, a scrapbooking session would be great. I'll add that to my folder of ideas.
Posted by: smilinize

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/25/04 12:03 AM

Okay, okay, scrapbooking is fine, but what about the CHIPPENDALE DANCERS?

If they don't get to come they'll be so disappointed. Poor things. I'm sure they were just dying to see us too.


P.S. And hey, what about the boomer road trip? And our nude calendar?
Where is JJ? I need some support here.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/25/04 10:42 PM

I finally watched calendar girls last night.
What a hoot. I'm ready and in. [Big Grin]
Let's keep the chippendales too. It all sounds like fun.
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/26/04 03:16 AM

yuhoo I am girl. Sorry, but I've been away this weekend...with the Chippendales...getting things lined up for the convention.

Would I lie to you? You know I would rather walk on my lips than tell a lie, right?

Posted by: smilinize

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/26/04 03:43 AM

JJ, your lips have been walked on so much they're getting athlete's feet.
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/26/04 04:41 AM

Hey! Wait just a darn minute. I resemble that remark! And to think I told the "boys" we'd drop by Oklahoma first...

Posted by: smilinize

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/26/04 05:44 AM

Sure. Sure. Sure.

JJ your athletes feet lips are getting fallen arches from over use.
Posted by: Barb Heide

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 05/11/05 07:16 AM

I just thought i'de add my two cents worth about my scrapping experience...i guess you might've read a bit bout me on my website, but that's ok.
i've scrapped for about 2.5 - 3 years. i LOVE it. it took me quite a while to get into it. i was in the groove of thinking i had to scrap my life in cronological order. i would get stuck on a page and couldn't continue. so i didn't scrap very regularly, and didn't really enjoy it. since being introduced to the top loading albums....i've become FREE as a bird, able to scrap what ever, when ever! what freedom!

i've done one album for my oldest dd (she's 2 since feb.), started one for my dh (need to get more photo's from his family), started a Book on Me (doing a online challenge and need to get caught up!), vacation album (started last month with a challenge to use only my CTMH product for show at my 'gatherings'), started the second album for my oldest dd, started the book for baby dd (she's 5 months) and am almost caught up with that one...might be about one month behind (as much as my film has in it right now! LOL!)

if you're interested at all in seeing some of my's a link to my gallery on another board (i hope it's not offensive to post a link for that here....just delete it if it's not ok)
My Scrapbooking Gallery
Thanks for looking!
Posted by: KAY B

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/14/05 04:10 AM

I had been wanting to scrapbook for awhile now!

I bought myself some items to get started....& this past week I finally did!!!

I am learning slowly!!!! [Smile] I am thinking of taking a class at either Michael's or AC Moore...
I am VERY AFRAID to go into the Scrapbook Cottage by my house!!! You may never see me again!!!

My creativity is coming back to me...years ago I used to write to people all over.....we made friendship books/aka: fb's. The photo labels..the's just like scrapbooking!!!

I will check your link out Barbara!!! [Smile]
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/14/05 08:08 AM

Hi Barbara & Kay,
I checked out your scrapbook link. Wow!!! You do a great job.
I too scrapbook and have a lot of fun with it. I am always amazed at how someone who is just beginning will come up with so many creative ideas.
Your friendship books sound like fun.
I know two CTMH consultants here now. I hear the new catalogue is wonderful so hope to see it soon.
Keep up the good work. Saturday I teach a card making class and I always include one 6"x6" scrapbook page. People seem to like them. Great for grandma's brag books.
Posted by: Danita

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 07/14/05 05:44 PM

I've pretty well put my "creative juices" on hold while I build my buisness to the multi-million level! :0)

However, I am going to make a mini scrap book for my 20th anniversary this year.

My husband and I love I'm going to use that for my theme - recreate the emblam..

"outlast, outwit, out play"...20 yrs of marriage.

It's going to be sooo cool. I REALLY need to get started soon! Sept will be here before I know it.

Do you do any stamping? I looove to make home-made cards from stamps. What a wonderful craft!

Posted by: karenelaine1977

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 09/09/05 01:46 AM

Scrapbooking sounds fun! My mother-in-law did really nice ones for my husband and his brother. Very nice. I need to start one for Laine!
Posted by: Dreamer

Re: Any scrapbookers out there? - 10/16/05 06:27 AM

I just started scrapbooking again a couple of months ago. The Newcomers' Club here had a scrapbooking group which I joined - and as it turns out I seem to be the only dedicated member! I've become friends with the lady who started it and we scrap together a couple of times a months and is is a blast. She told me of a "Scrapping Weekend" which is held in Gatlinberg (spelled right?) - and we are going to try to go in March. I'll get the info from her and share it.