American Council Craft Show

Posted by: Dotsie

American Council Craft Show - 07/17/03 03:00 PM

This weekend I attended the American Council Craft Show at the Convention Center. My neighbor friend just started painting silk scarves gave me a few passes so I went to support her and give her a familiar face in the crowd. [Big Grin]

Her scarves are lovely...(something I am not!) LOL. I wouldn't wear them at my's a Plain Jane problem I have! I could picture them draped on the wildest, sexiest, mod women. You must understand that I only have jeans, black pants, and khaki pants. Maybe they could go with the black pants! [Razz]

This was her first show and apparently it isn't easy to get in this council. She looked very professional and had one of the nicest booths.
She did fairly well with the public, but when the the store owners came through there wasn't much buying going on from her or any of the other artisans. Tough economic times she was told! [Mad]

Anyway, anyone ever been to one of those shows?

Everything was extremely well done. However I didn't buy one little thing and neither did a friend of mine that went with me. The art was a little funky, modern, exquisite, etc...again, something I am not!

We were laughing at ourselves because we are such PLAIN JANES! Discussed the possibility of it being time for us to STEP-OUT a little and try different styles. We didn't even consider the ear rings with pearls because the silver or gold was twisted just a little too differently for us. Geez, what's a P.J. to do?

We took home calling cards of a couple items that we had to ponder...just in case we have a change of heart and decide to become new women with style! [Big Grin]
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: American Council Craft Show - 07/22/03 04:25 PM

I have heard that the winter show is bigger. I am going to have to check it out. Maybe by then I will have a little more style...LOL! [Razz]
Posted by: Maggie

Re: American Council Craft Show - 07/23/03 06:26 PM

I just entered one of our outdoor festivals last weekend. Most of the artisans were telling me that they were selling about half what they usually do at this one. I know I did but didn't feel too bad either because of the economy and I haven't had the tinme to work like I usually do.
The Arts council one that your neighbor entered sounded interesting to me. I wonder if they were having the same problem there.
I've enjoyed looking at the websites here of the artists. Your work is beautiful.