Temperate rainforests

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Temperate rainforests - 05/22/11 11:57 PM

A short blog post with pics of stuff we've seen in British Columbia: they are Canada's only temperate rainforests It gets the most rain in this area. Huge trees..
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 05/23/11 05:07 PM

Hi Orchid, There's a bad link somehow in this post. The link you sent goes to an article about Bixi bike rental...
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 05/23/11 05:35 PM

I fixed it. I must have been asleep! It takes one to the real blog post with pics that I wrote.

Advice: best time to go to area is summer time. The oceans around do have whales but they aren' always there.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 08/05/11 04:22 PM

Absolutely breathtaking...
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 08/05/11 05:11 PM

Fabulous, Orchid,

I've been to Vancouver three times, as I recall, and have driven through Stanley Park each time. Fantastic! Next time I visit, I will be sure to see some of the other parks you describe.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 08/06/11 01:42 PM

WOW Orchid!
I'm gonna see if I can't talk WB into RV'ing up to Canada's Rainforests.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 08/06/11 10:22 PM

Jabber, I think WB would love the temperate rainforests. Just go in the summer or early fall. Otherwise there will be alot of rain. That's why the trees get so big/tall.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 08/07/11 01:27 PM

I told WB I'd like to see the temperate rainforests and Stanley Park. But it's on the other side of country from us and it'd take 6 days to drive there in our RV. That trip is in the future
though. It's something to look forward to. Thanks for info.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 10/07/11 09:13 PM

I never knew Canada had rainforests until you told us Orchid. I would love to see them in person.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 12/22/11 11:21 PM

I just came across these posts. The Olympic Peninsula of Washington State includes a temperate rain forest, with hiking trails through the mossy trees. There's lots of info on the Olympic National Forest website: Rainforest
The Lake Quinault Lodge is a lovely place to stay or just to stop for lunch.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 12/20/12 04:09 AM

I'm with Sandy

I live in WA now, and have been to the Olympic Rain forest twice. Twice I tried to get to Hurricane Ridge "the" place to go, but there was more than 13 feet of snow in my way. So we went to Sol Duc. Great 2 mile walk on 5-8 feet of dead leaves from years of falling from the humungous Cedar Trees. It's funny at first to walk on ground that has a little bounce to it.
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Re: Temperate rainforests - 12/29/12 07:00 AM

My experience with a temperate rain forest was on the South Island of New Zealand when my husband and I hiked the Milford Track for four days for our 20th wedding anniversary in 2002. We hiked 35 miles through various micro-climates. The last 13 miles was through a temperate rain forest---the key word being "rain".

I did a blog post about this experience at: