Kath and Candice, journaling?

Posted by: Dotsie

Kath and Candice, journaling? - 03/24/03 05:07 PM

Fill us in on how the journaling is going. Are you sticking to it?
Posted by: Sandy

Re: Kath and Candice, journaling? - 03/26/03 01:43 AM

Oh yes, I stick to it. and someday I will publish something out of it. I just know this will happen.
I found that journaling everyday or at least around the same time of day is best for me. i also found that I have to hand write it before I type it. I change it while I am typing it, but i have the general thought flow down on paper. I type each of my journal entries.
Posted by: Candice Johnson

Re: Kath and Candice, journaling? - 03/26/03 09:29 PM

Well I have five entries in my notebook, nothing publishable or anything, just what I am thinking about. I should have taken it on my trip to Florida, but didn't think to so I will get back in to it tonight. Maybe if I write something worth sharing, I will post it here.