My dog

Posted by: Dotsie

My dog - 11/05/02 03:43 PM

Funny to think of my dog as a hobby, but she helps me relax and free my mind when things start getting to me. When the going gets tough on the homefront ("How come I can't go?...EVERYONE ELSE is going!), and I know I need to keep my mouth shut(but can't)with my teens...I just get my dog, put her on her leash, and get the heck out. Walking around the block and just getting away for 15 minutes can change the atmosphere in my home. When I come back, my mind is clearer, the person wanting to nag the heck out of me has cooled down, (found out that EVERYONE ELSE isn't going)... and has often figured out something else to do... and life is a little easier. This post could probably go under mental health too!!! Thank you doggie dog!
Posted by: laxmom247

Re: My dog - 12/04/02 12:33 AM

You are so right! pets can be considered a hobby as they do count as stress buster! When I have my Lab at my knee and cat on my lap fighting for attention and heaping on the love, I just automatically feel calmer and more able to count my blessings.