Efficient Cleaning Tips

Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/22/14 02:17 AM

The other day one of my friends who owns a vacation rental program, was speaking about the need to quickly "turn around" a number of homes, because this is a big time of year for vacation home rentals in our part of the world.

He quickly explained to me how they "speed clean" homes while still doing a good job of the work. I did not take notes, though I wish I would have...

But now I just saw a column on Oprah.com about smart cleaning techniques to get the work done as fast as possible. One article was about quick kitchen clean ups after a meal.

I've listed it here, but it seemed pretty basic to me. And it didn't even mention one of my favorite tips, which is to clean up as I go along with the meal prep. I find that if I can do that, the job is 95% done by the time we finish eating.

So what good tips do you have that you're willing to share?
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/22/14 03:59 PM

The kitchen is Steve's domain, and he has his way of doing things that I wouldn't dare interfere with! laugh
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/22/14 06:03 PM

I can understand Steve's point of view. The kitchen is MY domain, and when guests come over who want to help, they generally just drive me nuts.

Primarily because it is a very small kitchen, really a one-person domain: Generally, they kick me out in order to "help out" -- saying they want to relieve me of the drudgery of cooking chores. But then they know where nothing is, and have to call me back in to ask for help or else rifle through all the cupboards looking for what they need. Plus they either don't clean up or they put stuff back in the wrong places...

I would more prefer it if someone offered to dust and vacuum, or strip their beds and wash the sheets before they head home...
Posted by: jabber

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/23/14 10:55 PM

I'm impressed or jealous. Wish WB's domain was the kitchen.

I do what you do and try to clean a little as I'm making a
big meal so there isn't so much to do when I'm done with dinner.
Posted by: Di

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/24/14 08:52 PM

I clean up as I prepare. No one likes to clean when they are done!

Now DH, IF he cooks, (which happens once in a blue moon) makes an absolute mess.

I put dishes IN sink, he puts ON counter (grrrrr!!!) Hate a dirty counter!

So, TV dinners are great here. (but we heat them on the stove, not in the microwave, BTW!!
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/25/14 01:41 AM

We have a galley kitchen, so we can't both be in there at the same time. And that's fine with me!
Posted by: Di

Re: Efficient Cleaning Tips - 07/26/14 01:31 AM

Originally Posted By: yonuh
We have a galley kitchen, so we can't both be in there at the same time. And that's fine with me!

Love it!

When DH makes his eggs in the a.m., he does not like me "in his way"......so I stay AWAY until he's done. Grouchy old man! LOL!