I just got off the phone with the soon-to-be-ex, and he was suddenly as sweet as molasses, which is a drastic change from his normal behavior towards me. I could not contain my shock and I asked him point blank why the change in his attitude. He said something about realizing how badly he had behaved in the past, and that since we would be interacting for many years to come because of our kids he might as well try to make things better between us. He then offered to give me two extra days with the kids this week as a gesture of goodwill. What he didn't know was that the kids already told me late last week that he was planning to be out of town for a one day job interview, and that he would like to extend his stay - assuming I would agree to take the kids for a few extra days - to visit with one of his long distance honeys. He has no idea that I or the children know about her or any of the other women he has been involved with since way before the marriage broke up.

I am incensed that he keeps feeding me this bull****! How stupid does he think I am? (No need to answer that, I already know...) [Eek!] I have my annual ob-gyn appointment this Friday and you better believe I am going to get tested. How could he be such a slime ball? I doted on him and took care of him for twenty years, and in return he could care less about having endangered my health. See what I mean? No integrity.

Do you think he'll ever get a clue? Is there something wrong with me for even asking this question? I have fully accepted that our 20 year marriage is over, and heaven knows I am finally convinced that it is all for the best. But I still keep hoping that he will start leveling with me, and be honest even if we are no longer together. Do you think there are any men out there who are honest and incapable of being liars and cheats when it suits them? Or am I just daydreaming? [Confused]