This is a story about courage, determination, wisdom, and the empowerment of a woman’s journey through her personal pain and struggle. It’s a story about the true meaning of “letting go”.

As I began the journey of writing my story, I felt as if I were writing this for someone else yet I was the only one who knew the information you are about to read or how the ending would be.

Many times people are faced with situations that make them feel imprisoned or entrapped. My story affirms that there is a way to overcome the feeling of helplessness no matter how long it takes.

After many years of living with a drug addict and alcoholic, I was able to find the courage needed to break away from it all.

In doing so, I decided that rather than feeling as if I have lived all those years in vain, I will instead; reach out to those individuals who have found themselves living in similar situations.

The bottom line is that we all have control over our own lives. We have the power to take ownership of our own destinies. Life is about choices, finding the right tools needed can change one's path.

I am a survivor. I lived through hell and have bounced back again. No matter what we are faced with, we do have the ability to set our own personal boundaries.

We are the keepers of our own lock and key. No one can have control over us unless we allow him or her to do so.

Those years are all behind me now. And sharing my life with you is my way of creating a positive out of a negative. My story confirms how much I have grown since living with an addict.

I hope by sharing my experience with you, you will see that stories such as mine do have positive outcomes. I am living proof that there IS such a thing as fairytale endings.

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I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.