OK, I'll weigh in with my two cents here.

Got married at 19 to my high school sweetheart. He turned out to be abusive and I left after two LONG years. I only stayed that long because I was raised to believe that "I do" meant "for always."

Got married again at 23. The first dozen or so years were pretty good. Stayed married for 18 years, until he had his "mid-life crisis." He ended up marrying his "girlfriend", a lady 12 years my junior and blonde. And he, who had never wanted any children, is suddenly a doting dad.

Marriage number one I don't really count. It was another lifetime ago when I was just a child.

Marriage number two, I'm the one who moved out of the "marital home." Told him I was taking an apartment for a couple of months, so we could decide where we were headed. I knew it would most likely lead to "the end," but I just couldn't take the scowling looks and the silence when he WAS home, and making excuses to family and friends any longer. As a side note, I told him I wanted to move out three weeks before I actually did it, and he never asked me not to go.

So, here I am, in mid-life, twice divorced, no kids. And rather than bemoaning the fact, I'm celebrating it.

Now, I do wonder if I'll regret not having children when I get older. But, can you really "miss" something you never had?

I'm not trying to downplay the joys of marriage when it's good. Any more than I'm trying to "up-play" the joys of being single, because it's not "all" fun and games.

All stages of life can be good. And all things considered, I truly consider this the best time of my life so far. I feel like I'm beginning another "stage", and I intend to enjoy the heck out of it!

And JawJaw, I loved your comment, you made me laugh out loud. Amen!