Smile, Dianne and all....this topic was not mentioned to hurt or belittle anyone here. I admire the women who keep trying no matter how awful the last experience was. It shows courage and faith to me. My ist husband died young, my second and I were together 14 years, I was happy and would have remained with him but he and my eldest son were dangerous around one another. He was a drinker and couldn't be reasoned with so I said goodbye. Now my third try was the worst of the three. I remained unmarried anter #2 for 14 years and was celibut but decided to try again and #3 had all the right answers and said all the right things and was a big fat LIAR!. We remained married 6 years and have been divorced now for 3 years and guess what I am still celibut....Figure that one. Would I try again? If I dd I would do it the way I buy shoes, try them on first, hahah [Razz] [Big Grin] aha!