Dotsie, It's only since 1997 that divorce has been lawful in Ireland and even then, it's a difficult process, in the technical sense. I don't know all the ins and outs and I hope I won't have to! Sometimes Ireland seems so backward compared to US but then it is a much, much smaller country.We are now one of the richest small European Countries with the Celtic Tiger and all that stuff though. Dotsie, I think we probably will follow the way of the US where divorce and other matters are concerned. The UK always follow first and then it filters through to Ireland eventually.
Dotsie, that's lovely about your kids. We haven't even thought of adoption or anything. WE are leaving it to nature at the moment and hoping for the best. I guess at 38 though, I don't have loads more time. In saying that, my cousin had her first baby at 40 and her second at 43. I don't know.
Do you think that people in US generally marry quite young - for the first time anyway?