Well...okay...I guess I can open up here better than anywhere.

Husband # 1 was a casualty of Viet Nam.

Husband # 2 Couldn't keep his pants zipped and just cheated all the time. Married to him for 13 very long years.

Husband # 3 was the abuser and it only lasted one year. Tried to have it annulled but my atty. wouldn't let me.

Husband # 4 is my current husband and will be my last husband. Have been married 10 years and although he showed some signs of getting really strange on me, he's straightened out and is becoming the man I fell in love with, only better.

You know, it can be embarrassing to say, "Hey, I'm on my fourth husband!" but I know women my age who have never been married and are very much ashamed to tell anyone. I guess we can't win, can we?

So, hope you continue to love me although I'm a used up, over-married old hag. It works for me. If something happened to my husband, I'd NEVER, EVER, EVER get married again!