On the lighter side....the word divorced....
comes from the fact that originally woman were "forced" into slave like relationships called marriage. Thus, in modern times....de-forced! Just a guess! Hardy Har!

I was married once and divorced...knew walking down the aisle I was making a mistake and did it anyway. Remarried and have been w/ my husband for 17 years. The last couple have been difficult beyond belief, but I believe he is the person for me and I was willing to forgive a great deal and keep trying. But if there is one service I could do for mankind it would be to give pre marital counseling to all of these young women who think that the wedding is the marriage.
They plan these elaborate expensive extravaganzas and are separated 6 months later. A wedding does not a marriage make. If they spent half the effort on the marriage that they did planning the wedding, the marriages would probably be okay.