My situation is pretty weird, but it's working so far... I had an open marriage which unfortunately failed... hubby fell in love with my friend, who then needed rescuing from her abusive boyfriend... she moved in, hubby fell in love with her and out of love with me... they've both been working and allowing me to stay living with them while I care for their kids and do light housekeeping.

Meanwhile, I need to get a job that I can do in spite of my disabilities so that I can pay for stuff that I need, and eventually become solvent and independent... they just didn't have the heart to throw me out, which anybody else would have done in this situation... w're still friends, plus I am needed.... so it's a strange situation, not something I can talk about to just anyone all the time... the divorce will come, and it will still hurt. I'm lonely, and I don't know quite how to start over.

Anyway, that's my divorce update for the day... please pray for my poor little heart to mend.
Lil [Confused]