Has anyone else ever gotten the green weiner for a blind date? I know I have. This guy (through a mutual friend) asked me out. When we were leaving, he said "let's go spin some of YOUR money." I thought I had heard wrong so I said "what did you say?" He repeated it. I said "huh?" since I was dumbfounded. He explained. He was on disability from the Viet Nam war and since I had to work everyday, I was essentially paying taxes so he could stay home and live the good life. Are you reeling yet? Dinner was tuff enough listening to this bore. He was one of those that should have said "okay, that's enough about me, now what about me" cause all he did was talk about how he couldn't cope and just sat around all day and played with his corvette. This guy was a member of MENSA (msp?) and smart as a whip but refused to work, or get a job. (I knew him from high school) Not once did he asked me one thing about me or my life.

He ate all of his dinner, and when he saw I didn't, he asked for the rest of mine then ordered dessert for himself. The next day he called and when I said honestly to him that I didn't think we had anything in common but wished him well, he point blank asked me to pay for my meal from the previous night. I said sarcastically "which portion, the portion I ate or what YOU ate." He then sent me flowers at work and started an email campaign asking me why I didn't give our relationship a chance. Relationship? The "R' word after one date? Scary, isn't it. I asked him to stop emailing me and then he sent a "fatal attraction" email that scared me. I told him if he didn't stop, he would be visited by two very large sons of mine. He did. That was two years ago. I had a long talk with my "friend" that setup the date. She had no idea.

anybody else?